Imagine being in a group of founders that help you stay focused and successful

Linhub is a platform that hosts mastermind groups for forward thinking founders

Why join a mastermind group?

Learning from the experiences of other high growth founders, and tap into their knowledge. The groups consist of 5 to 10 members that get together for two hours every other week.

What's in for me?

The main objective of the group is to process member's issues and stay accountable from anywhere you are.

Solve issues

Process issues with other peers in the same situation as you. Issues can be a problem to be solved, a decision to be made or an action to be developed.

Be accountable

The group's follow-ups will help you stay accountable and achieve your goals in a time.

Get peer support

You will have a safe space to bounce ideas and share personal and professional challenges.

Get coached

Linhub's Pro Groups are facilitated by an experienced coach that will help you move your project forward through follow-ups

Join a community

With specialized channels to talk about different topics, such as product, metrics, culture, design and more

Choose your peers

If you're part of a group, you get to approve new member's applications

Burst your bubble and find your peer group

Grow – Learn – Get inspired – Build relationships

Look for available groups

Have questions?

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