Mastermind groups for founders

Get together with your peers to support each others’ personal and professional development

Why join a mastermind group?

Being a founder is hard! Having a group of peers that you can rely on to tap into their experience, stay accountable and provide emotional support is a great way to grow.

Once you find a group that you think is awesome you get to stick to it and bond with your peers.

How does it work?

Most of the magic happens in the one-hour weekly online video calls.

First, there will be a check-in from every member of the group and the rest of the meeting is focused on solving one member's issues.

The community forum is where you can stay in touch the rest of the week.

How am I going to be placed in a group?

You can subscribe to a group and after the first meeting, you and the current members decide if you are a good fit.

If this doesn't work out you can choose another group or we can help you out to find a group taking into account the startup stage, your target market, that there won't be any competitors in the same groups and your background.

Words from members

Solve issues

Process issues with other peers in the same situation as you. This can be a problem to be solved, a decision to be made or an action to be developed.

Stay accountable

The group's follow-ups will help you stay accountable and achieve your goals in a time.

Get peer support

You will have a safe space to bounce ideas and share personal and professional challenges.

Coached Groups (Coming soon)

Linhub's Pro Groups will be facilitated by an experienced coach that will help you move your project forward through follow-ups

Join a community

With specialized channels to talk about different topics, such as product, metrics, culture, design and more

Choose your peers

If you're part of a group, you get to approve new member's applications

Other voices supporting peer groups

Patrick McKenzie - Working @ Stripe

Suhail Doshi - Founder @ Mixpanel

Are you ready to join a mastermind group?

Grow – Learn – Get inspired – Build relationships

Linhub's pledge

We are committing to invest 10% from profits in at least one of Linhub's members. The timeframe is not defined yet, it will depend on the community's growth.

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