FAQ- Linhub

Mastermind groups

What is a mastermind group?

Is a peer group where all members are in a similar situation, which drives more empathy and the possibility to get help from people that is in the field as you.

Why not just talk to friends?

Friends are great to talk to, but because they have an emotional bond with you, most of the time they will be biased in their feedback.

What is the difference with a forum or chat group?

A chat or a forum is a large community, and while we are aiming to form a larger community, our core focus is on peer groups, with a limited number of members, creating a safe environment to build trust.

I'm a freelancer, can I join?

Absolutely! If you have a project and are working on it, we think this can be a good fit for you.

My group

How I will be assigned my team?

You will be provided a description of the group and have the opportunity to apply to any group you consider.

Can I change group if I have already started?

After you are accepted into the group, you will have one trial session, so you get to really know each member and see if it's a good fit.

Can I start a brand new group?

Yes, you are encouraged if you feel there's something in particular you want to address.

Have more questions?

You can reach out at franco@linhub.co