Indie Groups

Self-facilitated groups to move your project forward

IH Grind group

We are the first mastermind group in Linhub, formed from the IndieHackers community. All of us have at least an MVP, working to find product-market fit. Monthly Fee: $25 Actual members: 4 Meetings: Every other Sunday at 11:00 am PT


Productized Services Masters

The group was formed by an experiment to develop productized services in a short period of time. Now we are pushing each project to scale. Join us! Monthly Fee: $25 Actual members: 4 Meetings: Every Thursday at 9:00 am PT


Not what you're looking for?

Sart your own group! We will do it together. No upfront compromises until the group is working.

Looking for a more professional option?

You have the option to choose groups facilitated by an experienced coach.